Jumat, 20 November 2015

R E L A T I V E (S)

Understanding an art of any artwork could not get closer without separate the artist’s statement or any handwriting about their works. In the latest observed in various fields the operation to understanding artwork has been seen about the outside and not even trying to understanding the mental character of artist by knowing their life background. The main idea of this paper is based on what Bettina Reiber write about psyche and the art of an artists. The concept of ideal image that can be constructed by philosophical of understanding the mentally against the artist. To relief any artwork and make it tell their own story itself could be connect by any other dots from the trinity of art such a: 1) feel about the artwork, 2) compare beyond artist’s statement, 3) analyze the composition. By recruit those dots into a one simultaneous link the feeling about the artwork could be apear itself showing the power itself, but to make it stronger it has to compare with the artist’s background.

I believe that in chaos of color it would be necessary to understand why the artists make an artwork such as
that type of a kind. it could be movies, paints, poems, sculp, any other nu media and so on.
I believe that the relatives in it is more important after understand the beneath of its components.

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